Welcome to Sixth Element Hypnotherapy


Just as we are surrounded by the 5 elements (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Sky) we believe that these elements exist within our bodies each bringing its own unique qualities. The sixth element is YOU – a unique combination of these elements! When all of the elements are balanced we lead more peaceful& trouble free lives.

At Sixth Element Hypnotherapy we use a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and regression therapy to enable you to tap into your subconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding about yourself and heal through this process.

Sometimes in our lives we hit an obstacle which maybe feeling run down, feelings of not being able to move forward, lost, tired, anxious, stress or depressed. Through hypnotherapy we can tap into our higher self to restore the mind, body and spirit. Other therapies that we may use as part of your treatment may include regression therapy, inner child healing, past life regression.

Our vision is to work on healing the soul on all energetic levels – mind, body and soul. To achieve this we will heal using unconditional love, non-judgemental, remaining neutral and confidential.

“A hypnotherapist is a life coach who helps keep you on track, overcome obstacles and fears and improves on your strengths”. Please Contact Us.